240 Volt Applications I get a lot of requests for 240 volt applications. I can build lights for 240 volt and I have descriptions for two possible solutions listed below. These assemblies are not UL listed but the transformer is CE rated.   The lights can not have a built in dimmer but can be dimmed with a wall box dimmer that is rated to dim electronic low voltage transformers.  

Plan "A" 

I recently completed a project in London where the voltage was 240 volt.(My lights normally use a 120 volt electronic transformer)

England and most foreign countries do not have a recessed outlet that can be hidden behind the paintings. Yes you could hard wire my lights behind the painting but then it gets too difficult to hang the art when the light does not have a removable plug.

The soution that the electrician can up with is to use the Leviton 688 recessed outet as a 12 volt outlet and place a 240 volt transformer in the box behind the outlet. The plugs were then labeled as 12 volt picture lights only prevent confusion. The maximum load on the plug is 75 watts at 12 volt or 6.7 amps. The Leviton receptacle is rated for 15A-125V

This transformer is rated for 75 watts 12 volts with 240 primary.  It is 3cm wide, 6.5 cm long and 2 cm thick.

The transformer will fit in the back of a deep box with the Leviton 688 outlet. I can provide a 12" pigtail (that will wire to the transformer with wire nuts)and have the low voltage plug on my light.

The dimming of the picture light is done by using a 240 volt dimmer rated for electronic voltage transformers such as Lutron Nova series.

Plan "B"

There is another solution (let's call it Plan "B") I can build any of my lights without transformers and I can provide a low voltage plug and pigtail that the electrician can wire to a low voltage source.

The client can provide the transformers and dimming is done with a dimmer rated for
electronic voltage transformers such as Lutron Nova series.

I can provide the transformers or specifications of the transformers but can not be responsible for warrentee issues due to power variations.

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