Lighting of fine art requires that the light be properly positioned with an angle that will allow the light to provide even illumination and not produce objectionable reflections of the light off reflective surfaces meaning the canvas or glass.  

The optics of my lights produce a very wide beam of light over the width of the art and is vertically narrrow in order to evenly light down the art from top to bottom.

 The length of the arm is determined by the height of the artwork we are lighting.  I have made arms as short as 3.5" for very short paintings 6-9" tall and as long as 6" for paintings 90" tall.  The length of the arm also depends on the texture of the art.  I can also use a wider optical distribution and longer arms to softed heavily textured art. 

My standard arm on the Masterpiece Series is the arms shown above and are called straight arms. They can be built for frame or wall mounting. The arms are made from ;3/8" dia. hollow brass and mounting plates 1.5" wide and 2 3/4" tall.  For wall mounting version click here.

Note: All of my lights are based on the assumption that the canvas stretcher is -1" thick and the arm length is based on the arm bracket mounting to a surface even with the back of the stretcher. In the case of wall mounting, I assume the stretcher back will be against the wall or very close to it. Please check to see if this is true on the art quoted above.

What I am interested in is the distance from the mounting surface of the light (normally the back of the frame) to the front surface of the art. I normally mount the arms to the back of the frame and normally the back of the stretcher is flush with the back of the frame. I need to know if this distance on your art is thicker or thinner. Sometimes the canvas is thinner (masonite) or the stretcher is mounted deeper in a thick frame. I will adjust the arm length to fit your art.

This is my tall arm that will keep the bottom of the light even with the top of the frame. My normall mounting has the light dropped slightly with about 1" of the light lower than the bottom of the frame.

Shown below are adjustable arms that are standard on my "Gallery Series" and are available on my Masterpiece Series.

Adjustable arms fit most flat backed frames. Small and large shown and are used on different height paintings. The wall mounted version includes a spacer for the backside to allow the electrical cord.

The grid shown is 1"

Two styles of lift arms, original and new flat "lift" style.

Here is a drop arm and custom flat style lift arm.



Drop arms are used to help hide the light and can be used on very wide frames. Same model can be used for up lighting.



Here is a couple of recent options for a commercial project where the frame needed to sit flush to the wall.


Below is a new custom arm built to light a very dark Rubens and uses a tall lift  to get the light up and hides in the thick frame.



David, the picture light is great. Of course we are delighted with the light, but what I especially love is the unobtrusiveness (is that a word?) of the black housing and the custom arms.  It is almost invisible against the picture frame. This solution is perfect .and we are delighted with the results and with the process of working with you. We have several friends in the interior design field and will pass along information about you

Thank you so much.

Ilene Adam

Over the years I have seen lots of frames and have determined that no two antique frames are exactly the same.  

 I will work with you to make sure your painting and frame are a perfect fit.