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"Every day your beautiful lights bring value and ambiance to our home,  
so this means really,  to the quality of our family life"

The fact that I’ve had the particular pleasure of making your acquaintance makes it even nicer.
Best regards,

B. C.    Ontario, Canada


I mounted the light today and am very happy with the result. The light brings the painting back to life and I am very pleased that it provides light for the WHOLE canvas and not just the top 8th or so like so many of these lights that I have seen.
I will certainly encourage all of my clients to use one of your lights as they are the best I have seen and also thank you also for making and sending it so quickly. I am attaching before and after pictures of the painting that you are welcome to use on your website if you would like.
Thanks again,
Carter Laney
Portraits in Oil

22" 3 lamp Masterpiece Series® on 54" x 30" Canvas

Lobby of Hillstead Museum Installation by EBK Art Services
EBK Picture Framing LLC
43 Crossroads Plaza
West Hartford, CT 06117

(860) 523-9384
John Howard Sanden
Studio 1010
881 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10019


Claggett/Rey Gallery . 100 East Meadow Drive Building 10 . Vail, Colorado 81657 phone: 1-800-252-4438

Myself "David Munson", Bill Rey and Tom Bassett at Claggett/Rey Holiday Gala in Vail



I am very critical, especially where my art is concerned, and not easily impressed.
Your lights blew me away.  Your light is absolutely fantastic.
What a difference it made.  Steve and his mother flipped out. 

After we installed the light and set the dimmer to the right intensity we turned it off. 
They could not believe how dark the painting looked without the light.

I will be recommending your light to all my clients.  Again my greatest praises to you.

If you want to place a link under my name to my site people can see my work and
understand how much of a perfectionist I am.

Your newest biggest fan,

Marvin Mattelson  phone: 516.487.1323

Avery Galleries specializes in American paintings, watercolors,
and drawings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Gallery is committed to the preservation
and presentation of museum-quality works by the artists of The
Hudson River School, American Impressionism, The Ashcan School
and important regional movements.

Dedicated to providing superior expertise, guidance and a full range
of services related to the acquisition, consignment, appraisal, sale,
conservation, and framing of works of art.




Dear David,
We just installed the lights and they are fantastic.
Thank you! I know our client will be thrilled when he sees them.
Richard is already talking to some of our other clients about putting
together lighting packages for their collections as well. Thus, you will
be hearing from us in the very near future.

Thanks again,

Nicole Amoroso

Avery Galleries
522 New Gulph Road
Haverford, Pennsylvania


M.S.Rau Antiques ®
630 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130U.S.A
504.523.5660Toll Free 800.544.9440Fax 504.566.0057

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Coconut Grove Gallery & Interiors
2884 Bird Avenue
Miami, FL 33133
Phone: 305.445.7401
Fax: 305.445.3856


David, When my paintings are unveiled I'm always a little nervous about how the painting will look because I'm never sure of how the lighting will look.  I must tell you that it was such a source of pride to me to see the way my painting looked at its unveiling.  The FineArtLight made all the difference!  Job well done!
The finish on the light was a wonderful match to the frame.  Most importantly, the light fully illuminated the entire canvas.  The gentlemen who set up the painting found it so easy to make all the adjustments on the light. 
My client, Craig Landy, included me in the unveiling ceremony at the House of Law, a historic landmark building in Manhattan.  When he introduced me, he spoke for about five minutes about how he enjoyed working with me.  I know one of the things he is indebted to me for is helping him to find the proper lighting for his portrait.
I know that you have been waiting for a photograph.  I have included a scanned copy of the photograph taken at the unveiling that appeared in the New York Law Journal.  I hope to make the trip to Manhattan visit the painting again now that it is hung on the wall in the main lobby. 
Susan Strauss

Fine Art Light chosen to light up Carnegie Hall December 5, 2007. In the Composers Gallery at Carnegie Hall, New York, from left: Sanford I. Weill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Carnegie Hall, artist John Howard Sanden, and Sir Clive Gillinson, Executive and Artistic Director of Carnegie Hall