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My clients include Architects,  Interior Designers,  IALD Lighting Designers and individuals seeking expert guidance to light their cherished artwork or to give assistance on a project that they are designing.

I realized tonight that I must be the "Real Art Lighting Expert" because other art lighting web sites (some that sell different picture lights), claim that I am the "Art Lighting Expert".

www.COCOWEB.COM - 5 Art Lighting Tips from Expert David Munson

Sorry but they took a real interview and change the truth a bit as I never talked to them or gave them permission to use my name, besides that... They sell terrible lights.

I think they stole the article from a "real" art site that interviewed me.

5 Tips from Art Lighting Expert, David Munson said....

"David Munson is one of the foremost authorities on fine art lighting. After inventing and founding Fine Art Light™ in 1998, Munson has lit treasured original artworks in private collections, museums, galleries and public spaces like Carnegie Hall. His patented painting-specific lights use special UV filters, heat diffusion and carefully calibrated beams to illuminate oil paintings, pastels and even photographs safely, while providing even light from top to bottom."

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Sorry, I got off track.....Here is a small example of the difference in architecture and Art Lighting.

A few years back I got a request for a "US10B Satin Bronze" art light for a Microsoft residence.

I asked   "What color is the frame of the painting?"

The answer was "24K Gold Guilt"   I told him "If you put a US10B Bronze light, on a gold frame,  it will look like a tootsie roll or a turd.   "I then asked  "Are you trying to match the door hardware?"   The architect then said  "but that's our metal finish!"

I then asked "If my light was made or paper machete, What color would you want me to paint it? "

Long pause on the phone call.    I then told him "I paint the housings the same color of the frame so they blend in and not stand out."

I also get a lot of requests where they want all of the lights to match.  I then ask "Do all of the frames match?"   The reply is always "Of course not".  I then sometimes give them a smart ass question back,  "have you considered re-framing them all to match?"  They then understand that the light should match the frame color.

Over the past 49 years,   I have designed hundreds Architectural Art Lighting solutions for public and private museums,  commercial and residential projects that did not use my "Fine Art Light".

I have lots of experience with recessed solutions,  such as accent lights,  wall washers,  and various framing projectors.   I also very well versed in selecting track lighting heads that actually work for art with the proper filters and have even designed architectural beams and coves to hide track systems.

I have also seen hundred of projects that were disasters and could have been prevented if someone would have asked the right questions.

I can also advise you on lots of subjects other than lighting also.   Such as "Hanging Hardware",  "Non Glare Glass",  "UV Glass",  "Window Tinting" and many other non lighting questions.    I have many friends in the art business that can answer the questions that I can't answer.

Even if you are not going to use my products call me.  I will give a free 5 minute review on any art related questions you have.

Call me and say the following words...."I'm calling for your 5 minute review"

Or ..... I have the following Question...

How do I light my paintings in very tall ceilings?

How do I light my very tall artwork?

What do you know about Non Glare Glass for my watercolors?

How do I protect my paintings from daylight?

What about window tinting to prevent fading from the sun?

What is "Blue Light Hazard" ?

How do I light my brass wall awards to prevent reflections?

I have a mirror with a beautiful frame, Can you light that and not have reflections?

How do I light a tapestry? Quilt? Flags?

What color should I paint my walls to make my art stand out?