You can't click a button to order a light..... Why Not ????

Years ago I tried to make an adjustable light to work on various sized paintings.     I found that the client, Lighting Designer or Interior Designer did not adjust it properly and the client was not happy.   A light to fit all sized paintings would simply not work.    Too many variables..

That's why I build "Each Light" for "Each Painting".

The right size, the right arm length, The right optics, The right color to match your frame, and the right cord length.

All picture or art lights are not equal.    I make the best and I have thousands of satified clients to prove it.

Here is the science for sizing the Art Light.

The Taller the Painting, the "Longer the Arms" and "Narrower the Optics" need to be to reach the bottom.
The width of the light will be 6-12" narrower than the canvas, depending on frame.

If you Email Me the information about your painting,   I will get you a quote within a few hours.  

If you want to call me 314-369-3913, I can give you a price quote over the phone.

Just for reference,   my 12" light will light canvas's up to 21" wide and trade price $ 350.00 plus shipping.    I will build it with the correct optics, arm length, custom match the color of your the frame and the proper cord color and length for your needs.

Fabrication usually takes only a few days for one light and about a week for 5.

When "new" clients contact me about multiple paintings,  I prefer to build the first light for inspection and approval.

The light is returnable if not satisfied.    The only thing I ask is that the light be mounted and installed so you or the client can see the performance both during the day and night.   If the client or you decide that you are not happy with the light,   send me a photo so I can see if it is mounted and aimed properly.   I will then send a return label.   I have built over 10,600 lights and only had 5-6 returned.   Seeing is believing.

I do have a number of dealers and installers around the country who can come and measure your collection.   They have an hourly fee and do sell my lights at a retail price.

What size light for your painting?

In most cases you will need a light that is 6-12" narrower than the width of the "canvas" depending on the width of the frame.   With narrow frames or canvas wrapped paintings the light might need to be wider to light the top evenly.

Normally we try to light the entire canvas,   but sometimes the composition of your art may allow a smaller light.    For example if your painting is a portrait surrounded by a very dark field of color,   it maybe better to only light the center portion of the painting and not the entire canvas.

When you email me details about your painting,   I will let you know my recommendations of size and optics to properly light your art and I will guarantee that you will be happy with the light or you can return it.

Here is the information I require to determine the proper size of your light:

  • 1.    Canvas height and width:

  • 2.    Frame overall H x W and Thickness

  • 3.    Name of artist and name of painting for reference. A lot of clients have paintings by the same artist so the paintings name helps sort them.

  • 4.    Photos of the art in the frame and photos from 45 degree angle. I need to determine frame style and canvas offset and optics to properly light the painting. Narrower optics are required for taller paintings or dark detail at bottom.)

  • 5.    Photo of a hand on frame to determine the true color as we almost always paint the housing to match the frame or wall color. Check the photos and make sure they are accurate in color. If not tell me the difference between the photos and the real color. You can use your smart phones camera if you want. Also take a look at my attached standard colors and note my hand color for reference. We can also mix the colors to get it closer. We find if the color of the housing matches in flavor the light will blend in and not detract from the art.

  • 6.    If the back of your frame is not flat, I can provide you with blocks of wood to fill in voids. I might need photos of back to determine the bracket and arm requirements. we normally attach to the flat part of the frame above the stretcher. If you can measure the width of the flat section that will do.

  • 7.   Do you have a Leviton 688 recessed outlet behind art? If not how long of cord and cord color?

Custom Colors - Match Your Frame

Paint Colors

The color above are only some of the colors I paint the housings.
I can mix these color along with Dulling agents to get a very close match of your frame.
Scroll Down to see just a few of the custom colors I have developed for clients.

Paint Colors

Paint Colors

Paint Colors

Paint Colors  Paint Colors  Paint Colors  Paint Colors

Paint Colors  Paint Colors