Why Fine Art Light ?

I personally have 49Years Of Architectural Lighting Experience and have built over 11,300custom art lights for thousands of satisfied clients.

I make 21 sizes of art lights, from 2.5" wide to 120" (one piece)

Each Light is custom built for your painting

"Fine Art Light" will evenly light from top to bottom and left to right

Fully Assembled - Built in Mid America, USA

Our electrical cord will be the proper length for your painting.

"Fine Art Light" will fit your frame perfectly

This paintings is 96" tall lit with one mantle mounted light

US Patented "Variable Optics"

Drives the light to the bottom of your painting

Yes, We light very tall and very wide paintings !

"Pure White Spectrum" CRI 100
97 CRI "Safe Spectrum LED" (coming soon)

No Blue Light Hazard

Built in dimmer that is compatible with your dimming system.

My Art Light is the only art light that can be dimmed again with a system dimmer ....

Each painting can be dimmed individually at the painting,   then all of your paintings can be "Grand Mastered" by your dimming system.

Simple Cord and Plug (no hard wire)

My flat plug will fit flush into any recessed clock outlet

No Certified Electrician required to install my lights

No plug in transformers that won't hide behind your painting.


Custom match the color of your frame

We are the only manufacturer that will custom match the Art Light housing to match your frame or wall color

Just email me a photo of your hand on the frame.

See some of the colors I have mixed over the years


Do you need more reasons why my lights are simply the best?

  • My lights have a 100% Satisfaction Return Policy and are hand built in St. Louis, MO, USA
  • My lights were approved by Underwriters Laboratories and safety rated for use in the U.S. and Canada
  • I am proud to say that I have replaced most of the other art lights on the market. My clients say they bought them and realised they don't work like they were advertised.
  • We have built over 10,000 lights for thousands of clients around the world.
  • Gallery owners have me build lights to help them sell dark paintings.
  • Exceptional service:
    Finding the right art is hard enough. Once you’ve found the perfect painting, we are committed to ensuring that you will have the perfect lighting solution. .
David L Munson

David L. Munson

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