Warranty, Shipping and Return Policy


I stand behind all my lights and will take care any issue for the 1st year.

All of the materials and parts that my light are the finest available, thus I consider my light a forever light.   All of my lights are repairable and rebuildable.    I have built over 10,600 lights and the transformers very rarley fail.   (maybe 25 out of 10,0000)   Most of the failers are due to power surges or lightning strikes.   If you replace the lamps with the wrong wattage it can cause overheating,   and the UV filters can be destroyed.    The low wattage halogen lamps are rated for 2000 hours (three times the life of a standard incandescent lamp)

I ship each light with all of the lamps installed and aimed and include a full set of replacement lamps.

Shipping Details

We normally use UPS for shipping but can use them all depending on Clients wishes.

We pack everything in soft wrapping and bubble wrap and ship in a 5 sided heavy duty reusable box if you need to return it for any reason.
Everything is packed including spare lamps, pads for the back of the frame and instructions.

Fine Art Light Packing

Return Policy

When "new" clients contact me about one or multiple paintings,  I prefer to build the first light for inspection and approval.

The light is returnable if not satisfied.    The only thing I ask is that the light be mounted and installed so you or the client can see the performance both during the day and night.   If the client or you decide that you are not happy with the light,   send me a photo so I can see if it is mounted and aimed properly.   I will then send a return label.   I have built over 10,600 lights and only had 5-6 returned.   Seeing is believing.